Share Margin Financing (SMF)
Share Margin Financing is a credit facility offered for investors to finance the purchase of quoted securities on the Bursa Securities only, by placing acceptable collateral with us. This facility is suitable for active and sophisticated investors who wish to capitalise on market opportunities and to increase and diversify their investment portfolio.


  • Competitive margin financing terms

    Granted 2x share margin limit for the cash deposited and 1x for other types of collateral.

  • Increase purchasing power and multiply investments

    An avenue to leverage existing securities to purchase additional securities.

  • Simple and informative monthly statement of account

    Get comprehensive updates of your account every month.

Fees Schedule

Up to BR+2% (as at 16.11.17, the BR is 3.85%)

SMF Termsheet

Features SMF (AMIB)
Margin of Financing 50%
Margin Call 60%
Interest Rate 5% to 8% depends on collateral pledged
Rollover Fee 0.25% to 0.50%
Tenure Subject to Annual Review
Others For Share Trading only
SMART Margin Financing
This is a secured credit facility granted for individuals and/or investment holdings companies to facilitate investment in shares listed on Bursa Malaysia and/or cash advance for investment/commitment. It enables you to enhance asset holding capability, improve cash flow as well as multiply investment power without liquidating existing shares, and/or premature withdrawal of fixed deposits.


  • Facility Limit

    Subject to approval, facility limit varies from case to case.

  • Competitive interest rates

    Interest rates up to BR +2 20% p.a. and current BR at 3.85% p.a

  • Daily rest basis interest calculation

    Interest is calculated on daily rest basis

  • High margin of financing

    Margin of financing: Up to 50%

  • SMART and convenient trading facilities

    SMART Revolving Facility Trading limit up to:

    > 2.0X of fixed deposit/ cash amount
    > 1.0x of shares /
    > SMART Revolving facility is subject to yearly review

Fees Schedule

In progress

SMF Termsheet

Features SMART
Margin of Financing 50% to 60%
Margin Call 60% to 65%
Interest Rate 5% to 8% depends on collateral pledged
Rollover Fee NA
Tenure Subject to Annual Review
Others Cash withdrawal