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  1. Ensure that URL is and look for the padlock icon next to the URL.

  2. Use trusted computers, preferably your own. The use of public computers is not recommended due to the high risk of malware infection, such as Trojans, spyware and key-loggers.

  3. Make your password complex. 

    1. A good password should contain a mix of all the four types of characters: uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
    2. Your password should be at least 8 characters or more.
    3. Do not use common words and proper names.
    4. Do not use your name, family names, pet’s name, or birth dates.

  4. Secure your home network and your mobile connection by ensuring that your access to sensitive websites is via secured connections (https) to prevent others from stealing your password and confidential information 

  5. Log out or lock your computer when you have to leave your computer unattended, even for a moment. Enable the screensaver with password on your computer to automatically lock it after a short duration if you happen to leave it unattended. 

  6. Protect your computer from malware such as viruses, Trojans and spyware.

    1. Use supported versions of operating systems and Web browser software and ensure they are updated with the latest security updates.
    2. Set your browser security high enough to detect unauthorised downloads.
    3. Use anti-malware software and update it regularly.
    4. Use a personal firewall in your computer.
    5. Do not download free software. Enticing free software frequently contain malware.
    6. Don't click on links in pop-ups or spam emails that claims to offer anti-spyware software.

  7.  Close your browser window after logging out from a website.

    1. You should always log out of any account that you have logged into.
    2. Then, clear your browser cache and exit out of the web browser by closing the window.

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